Dave Neary <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> > 128833      User Interface
> >     Tool dialogs block image (crop tool)
> >         Smells like another user preference. For anyone comfortable
> >         with GimpConfig, this is an easy change to GimpToolDialog,
> >         GimpGuiConfig and a line or two in gui/preferences_dialog.c.
> I'm not comfortable about having this as a preference. The best fix
> would be to have the crop tool pop up somewhere other than the center
> of the image, which is possibly the worst place it could pop up. Is
> this dialog session managed? If not, what needs to be done to make
> that happen?

It is session-managed but a lot of window managers seems to ignore the
position hints and center the dialog because it is marked as transient
for the image window. That's the part that I'd like to make
> > 132698      Plugins
> >         Discrepancy in Script-Fu constants vs. DB Browser
> >         We need to come to a decision here. Need to look at it again.
> I think we should do both (keep the old enum naming scheme and add the
> new one), and deprecate the old one for 3.0 (or possible 4.0).

I am not convinced that the old names are bad and should be deprecated
anytime. Perhaps this needs some more discussion.

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