Well written! I might like open code, but that doesn't mean I don't think people should necessarily get it for free.

I hope that the authorities go to town on this person. Just imagine this happening with commercial closed source software packages!


Eric Anon wrote:

I find it sickening that you shamelessly attempt to profit from
the hard work of others by scamming people into thinking that the
software you sell on http://www.luxuriousity.com and on ebay, such
as The GIMP, is not free software. I looked at your ebay feedback,
and you answer this by saying, "free version is an unstable test
version" (see

This is patently false; a lie.  See
http://www.gimp.org/stable_ver.html and
for the STABLE windows versions.

Your website clearly misleads customers into thinking that they MUST
purchase these programs from you.  You even have the gaul refer
to "The GIMP" as "LUXURIOUSITYPHOTO", most likely to make it more
difficult for people to search the web under the products real name
and find out they are being scammed.  Judging by the quantity you
appear to have sold, a sucker really is born every minute.

All of the above also applies to "LuxuriousityOffice" (really
OpenOffice) and "LUXURIOUSITYSOUND" (really Audacity).

I sure hope you have a pay Yahoo account that can be used for
business purposes, because I'm going report to them that you are
potentially violating their terms of service agreement.  I am also
going to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.  From
their "Business Ethics" page (http://www.bbb.org/BizEthics/tips.asp,
read it, you may learn something):

  "Misleading advertising is among the three questionable business
  practices most adult consumers consider to be always wrong."

As a software developer myself, I find your scam personally
offensive.  You are a true parasite on the open source community.
Rest assured, I will spread the word about this abuse (and don't
try to quote the GPL here, because even if you're not violating
the letter of the license, you are certainly violating the spirit).

You are a scammer and a liar.

- Eric

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