I have a self contained application bundle for the gimp
on os x. Would this be of use as a binary download for
the mac? It's only external dependency is that you have
X11.app install somewhere on your system. It's also
droppable so you can drag an image file onto the gimp
icon and it'll open it. I notice that the website does
not have rpms or any other binary downloads. It took
some work to get the thing to be self contained. It
seems like it would be useful for the greater gimp using
community as the current method of getting the gimp on
mac is to pay money to the macgimp project or spend
three hours compiling with the fink, and then you're on
your own to figure out how to get it to launch from the
finder or dock. I don't have the bandwidth to host a
publicly available download. What's the best way to
make this available?

Here are the links. It's hosted on a cable modem, so
be gentle.




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