Hi Aaron,

Aaron Voisine wrote:
I have a self contained application bundle for the gimp
on os x. Would this be of use as a binary download for
the mac?

Thanks a lot, this could be great.

We have a kind of policy of not providing "official" binaries (it's simply a question of resources), although I would like to see us build up a set of external binary download links (like Tor and Jernej's sites for Win32) for mac, and the most common Linux & Unix file formats (.deb, .rpm, Mandrake .rpm, .pkg) - would you be happy doing this? Can we provide a link to your download page from the gimp.org downloads page?

seems like it would be useful for the greater gimp using
community as the current method of getting the gimp on
mac is ... <snip>

I agree, mac users expect things on a platter.

I don't have the bandwidth to host a
publicly available download. What's the best way to
make this available?

Ah... Do we have any volunteers willing to host mac binaries for free downloads?

Thanks a lot for this.


Dave Neary

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