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> it has occured to me that since TheGIMP developers have been so nice
> about making the gimp work on all the different operating systems that
> there is a chance that people with very few resources and small old
> computers have been left behind.
> is it possible to strip all this crap (made for people who for some
> reason started to run different operating systems) out of TheGIMP so
> that it can be built and run on a tiny old computer like REAL PEOPLE
> might still use and leave all the extra stuff out as it was put there
> for people who have CHOSEN to use crappy expensive operating systems?

Rest assured that there's no crap in The GIMP that has been added to
support other platforms than Linux. There is actually close to no
platform-specific code in the GIMP source. And the few tiny bits of
specific code are of course only included in the build if you actually
build GIMP for the platform the code was written for.

You can of course argue that gimp2 is more resource-hungry than
gimp-1.2. But I would like to see some numbers on this before I
believe it. I don't think that you need substantially more RAM and CPU
power to run gimp2 compared to gimp-1.2. Also there's plenty of things
you can do to reduce usage of these resources. You can for example
disable layer and channel previews. You can reduce the number of data
files like brushes, patterns and fonts in your search paths. You can
choose to remove script-fu and other extensions.

So, please, either do some research and back up your arguments, or
stop posting such bullshit.

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