On Saturday 20 March 2004 15:38, Carol Spears wrote:

first: i hope this is not a troll trial (that would have trapped me)
second: i'm using linux as well - so you don't me when talking about users of 
other (so called) OSs
third: what in the gimp 2.0 (pre) do you think is "crap"
fourth: it seems to happen, that actual software tries to make use of actual 
hardware to enhance features and usability
fith: if a 486 cannot run gtk2 (not sure about that) you just cannot use it
sixth: afaik gimp has a noninteraktive mode (that should work on your 486)
seventh: gimp is open source, well documented and has (as i could just figure 
out) a helpfull developer community: if you cannot use the current ui you 
could start to write gtk1 interface
eighth: why are you that aggressive? (and - regarding your last post - 

finally: i just joined this list - so please excuse me if i was trapped by a 
known troll

Think, think different. But essentially: Think!
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