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> Subject: Re: Histogramm Like Widget
> > might i suggest gtk2 and the "almost stable" gimp as these are being
> > maintained and "do" more?
> The fact is, that set of plugins, I'm working on is writen for the gimp-1.2.
> Of course, first of all, I'm looking for the gimp-1.2/gtk-1.2 widget, but
> any information about "how to do it, using gimp2 and gtk2" is wanted.
well, there is a template for making plug-ins available on
developer.gimp.org somewhere and also the gimp pdb that can be found
under Xtns.

i told you about an overall feeling to not maintain or work on gimp-1.2
anymore.  it was released christmas 2000 and everyone is bored with it.
at least everyone i know who is working on gimp.

perhaps a few moments searching using your favorite search engine and
an open mind for information?

http://www.google.com and http://search.yahoo.com/ are fairly useful for
finding current information.  

asking questions about more current versions of the gimp might actually
get an answer from someone who knows more answers to your questions.


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