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> I am working on creating gimp-1.2 plug-in for image analizing. This
> plugin produses some set of data, and I need to draw it on separate
> window. Can You suggest any gimp or gtk widget (and urls of docs for
> it, the fact is, that I have looked thrue the api reference on the
> developer.gimp.org and still in shaos, I spent a lot of time
> clicking by cross references, and failed to create common picture in
> mind of using this stuff), apropriated for that purpose.

GIMP 2.0 has a histogram widget but it used by the core only and is
not exposed to plug-ins. It would be nice to get an idea of the API
you would expect from such a widget. The GimpHistogramView we use in
the core is too much bound to the core data structures to be moved to
libgimpwidgets as is:


But it would certainly be a good idea to have libgimpwidgets provide a
histogram widget. So if you can tell us what you need more
specifically, that would help a lot. Such development would of course
not happen in the 1.2 tree but based on the current state of the code,
that is GIMP 2.0.

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