we said two weeks for 2.0.1, so that'd be this tuesday. Some time has
been spent on the 2.0.1 bug list this weekend but still there's quite
a list. Here's a summary with some comments. As usual the comments are
just my opinion and I added them to ask you add yours, to object or to
make you send patches.

#85103  Tools
        GIMP should warn user if extremely large fonts are requested
 - can be bumped to 2.0.2

#91384  General
        unaligned access when displaying an image
 - needs info

#93806  Script-Fu
        Script-Fu args parsing needs to be made sane
 - should be bumped to 2.2

#93856  Plugins
        IIR and RLE Blur blur inconsistently
 - has a patch that should be applied

#115774 General
        Tablet pointer becames core pointer
 - noone seems to have a clue what's going on, so bump it to 2.0.2

#120490 Tools
        Scale tool produces wrong output (misses parts of image)
 - can be bumped to 2.0.2

#121871 Plugins
        Saving large PSD's make the psd plugin crash.
 - can be bumped to 2.0.2

#123888 Plugins
        PSD images gets wrong "modulo"
 - can be bumped to 2.0.2

#128594 Tools
        Rotating layer more wide than 16000 pixels causes problem...
 - can be bumped to 2.0.2

#132366 General
        crashes when loading ( finding font )
 - this one is fixed (workaround in gimp, real fix in freetype) and
   is only kept open to give people a chance to find the bug before
   filing yet another duplicate

#133719 User Interface
        crashes on paste
 - eeky but unlikely to trigger, could be bumped to 2.0.2

#136219 Tools
        crash with shapeburst gradients (adaptive supersampling /...
 - the crash is fixed, but there is a claim that there could be a better
   fix; should be closed as FIXED

#136556 Tools
        Crop Tool Behaves Strangely
 - would be nice to figure out what's going wrong, otherwise bump to 2.0.2

#136713 Plugins
        Select contiguous region in imagemap not fully functional...
 - not severe, up to Maurits what to do but it won't block the release

#138103 General
        unable to begin selection from absolute lower right hand ...
 - would have to take a closer look before I can express an opinion on
   this one

#138201 General
        gimp 2.x mmx problem ?
 - seems to be related to the compiler and the compiler options, can be
   bumped to 2.0.2

#138237 Tools
        Selection dragbox doesn't always reliably indicate final ...
 - there's a patch ready to be committed

#138238 Plugins
        jpeg plug-in crashes when opening file
 - seems to be a DLL hell problem or incompatible library versions;
   probably not a GIMP problem, can be bumped to 2.0.2

#138356 General
        Gimp 2.0 crashes on Image Scale
 - bad bug, has a stack trace and a simple patch that gives some insight
   but needs more review and testing

#138662 Script-Fu
        Copy Visible fails when layer mask active
 - there's a suggested workaround, needs to be looked at

#138714 Gimp-Python
        3 Blind Mice...Sorry..3 bugs in Py-Slice
 - has a patch; Yosh seems to be on it

#138754 General
        path_get_point_at_dist() is unimplemented
 - seems to be less trivial then we believed initially; should be bumped
   before we do anything stupid

#138788 Plugins
        problems with Lighting Effects plug-in
 - has a patch that looks good

So, this is a good bunch of work. I'd really like to do 2.0.1 this
tuesday, but it will need a few people helping, otherwise it will take
a little longer.

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