perhaps I should also list the good news:

Bugs fixed since GIMP 2.0.0
- don't leak file descriptor for the POSIX shm implementation (Yosh)
- fixed path tool undo (#138086, Mitch)
- don't transform drawables away (#138117, Mitch)
- fixed issues with guillotine plug-in (#138314, Joao, Mitch)
- fixed Slide script-fu (#138310, Nils Philippsen)
- don't allow removed items to be accessed thru the PDB (#138311, Mitch)
- skip fonts with invalid names (workaround for #132366, Sven)
- fixed Spinning Globe script-fu (#138253, Sven)
- fixed a bug in the IFSCompose plug-in (#138212, David Necas)
- fixed undo corruption with floating selections (Pedro, Mitch)
- fixed gimprc man-page (Sven)
- align JPEG setjump buffer on 16-byte boundary for ia64 (#138357, Yosh)
- fixed Alien Glow Arrow script-fu (#138524, Sven)
- fixed code that suppresses the transform tool grid (Simon)
- push an undo for changing the text layer modification flag (#137767, Mitch)
- make the user installation work with pixmap themes (#138379, Sven)
- register .jpe as extension for JPEG images (#138776, Bolsh)
- fixed issues with the Lighting Effects plug-in (#138788, William Skaggs)
- don't crash on color corrections on empty selections (#138973, Sven)
- made gimptool-2.0 create missing directories (#138980, Yosh)
- made undo names translatable (#139000, Sven)
- optimized grid drawing (#138081, Sven)
- don't create a gimptool link to gimptool-2.0 (#139024, Sven)

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