GIMP developers:

Congratulations on 2.0, it is extremely nice.

I have a couple of observations/questions
regarding plug-in updates and would appreciate
any feedback you might be willing to share.

First, the gimp-plugin-template is set up to
use a static gimp-help.xml file that always points
to a web address: 

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<gimp-help xmlns:template="";>
  <help-item template:id="plug-in-template" ref="index.html" />

In general a plug-in may not have a static web site
to point to, which complicates gimp-help.xml, which
must then change at install time.  My solution is
to supply a temporary file gimp-help.tmp:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<gimp-help xmlns:p2m="file:TMPDIR/help">
  <help-item p2m:id="file_ample_save" ref="file_ample_save.html" />
  <help-item p2m:id="file_cif_save" ref="file_cif_save.html" />
  <help-item p2m:id="file_magic_save" ref="file_magic_save.html" />
  <help-item p2m:id="file_skill_save" ref="file_skill_save.html" />
  <help-item p2m:id="file_skill43_save" ref="file_skill43_save.html" />

and modify this at install time by adding the following two
lines to

sed -e "s#TMPDIR#$GIMPHELPXML#g" ./help/en/gimp-help.tmp > ./help/en/gimp-help.xml 

This works for me but I have not released my plug-in
update to the wild yet. Does this approach make sense 
or does anyone have a suggestion for improving it?  

Recent changes in gimp-plugin-template have changed 
some things.  First, in the file in 
the src directory, the idea of a PLUGIN_DIR seems to 
have gone away and the gimp-plugin-template puts the 
binary in:

bindir = $(GIMP_LIBDIR)/plug-ins

This destination seems (at least in my case) to
be controlled by the contents of my gimp-2.0.pc
file and the prefix in that file overrides any
--prefix specification that I use when installing
the plug-in.  It seems to me that for general
plug-in users who might not be allowed to write
to the system gimplibdir the following makes 
more sense, and it works for me:

bindir = $(prefix)/lib/gimp/2.0/plug-ins

Can anyone let me know which of these is better
and why?

Also, some craziness with has 
rendered the whole gettext system unworkable for
me.  Since I don't have any translations I just
ripped out the po directory and the gettext stuff
from  Is that crazy?  It seems to
work fine without it.

Thanks in advance for any feedback and for your
work on the GIMP.



Steve Lipa
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