Dave Neary <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> This is an issue with the per-tool contexts.

This is not an issue, it's a bug and should be reported in Bugzilla.

> If you select a colour with the colour picker, then select the text
> tool, the text tool will have a black foreground (its own
> context). However, it doesn't affect the background. This is
> confusing, because it means that using the colour picker to pick a
> text colour involves picking the colour, opening the colour chooser
> and saving it, setting the text tool, opening the colour chooser for
> the text tool, and loading the saved colour. Which is complicated.It
> would be nicer (imho) if the text tool used the active FG if it hadn't
> been set yet, rather than defaulting to black.

Sorry, but that's definitely not how it works nor how it's supposed to

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