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1. Whenever I click on the 'Insert Text' Button, the foreground
color as well as the color for the text itself changes to
black. Though it is possible to use another color it is much more
complicated than before (1.2.2). Why?  I often pick a color out of
the picture with this little colorpickertool and then insert text in
this color that matches another in the picture. Black is the least I
would use. But now this is complicated and rather a pain. Does this
change have any purpose I just don't see? Anyway, if it doesn't, can
you change that back in the next release?

The foreground color is not supposed to change. If it really does,
that would be a bug. However I don't seem to able to reproduce this.

This is an issue with the per-tool contexts.

If you select a colour with the colour picker, then select the text tool, the text tool will have a black foreground (its own context). However, it doesn't affect the background. This is confusing, because it means that using the colour picker to pick a text colour involves picking the colour, opening the colour chooser and saving it, setting the text tool, opening the colour chooser for the text tool, and loading the saved colour. Which is complicated.It would be nicer (imho) if the text tool used the active FG if it hadn't been set yet, rather than defaulting to black.

If you look at this from the point of view of someone coming from 1.2, this problem is obvious.


Dave Neary

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