Stephan Menzel <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Well, it does here.
> I can reproduce it every time.
> 0. Load Gimp and load any picture (tried with RGB and Greyscale)
> 1. press O
> 2. pick a color from the picture
> 3. close the little color chooser window
> 4. press T or click the Text button
> -> The forgroundcolor is black again and so is the text.  As I said,

I had a closer look and it does indeed not behave as it should. So
this is clearly a bug.
> I use version 2.0.1, which works fine, besides this. If it really is
> a bug. It wouldn't be so bad if I could choose a new color from the
> textcolorwidget but there is only the color dialog which is
> inconvenient. I prefer 'o'.

You don't have to use the color dialog that you open from the text
tool options. Simply drag a color on the color button to change the
text color.

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