Hi Bartekk,

Bartekk wrote:
i have a question about the development of plug-in.
I want to use the plugin template u can get from the gimp site. The problem is I don't know which files are important. If I want to write a simple Gaussian Filter, how can I do that.

Is there somebody who can give me an how to or an example.

This document is still somewhat valid, although the API has changed a lot since then, the principles are the same (the API changes are fairly evident in the plug-in template):

You might want to look at the Gaussian blur plug-in, the edge detect plug-in and the generic convolution filtre plug-in in (respectively) plug-ins/common/gauss_rle.c, plug-ins/common/edge.c and plug-ins/common/convolve.c - all of these plug-ins are of the type which interests you.


Dave Neary

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