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> > Because we can't do anything about the bugs. Nobody but the packager
> > can. The situation would be different if the tools used to build the
> > binary packages would be in GNOME CVS. That would certainly qualify
> > the project for also using the bug tracker. But as long as people
> > build GIMP using proprietary scripts that they don't publish anywhere,
> > I am going to show no tolerance towards them.
> Not sure about what kind of proprietary scripts are you talking about - the
> installer scripts were always available, though it depended a lot on my mood
> where I put them (in a separate zipfile, or together with the rest of
> sources). The setup compiler itself is free, too.
> To compile Gimp, I use MinGW+MSys, with no special tools.

I was under the impression that building a GIMP installer involved
some black magic. After all there don't seem to be many people able to
build GIMP from source on win32.

Perhaps the setup scripts should be kept in CVS then. Not sure if they
belong to the GIMP source, probably not. But there could be a separate


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