Jakub Steiner <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I have planned to come up with a better interface for the scale dialogs.
> The task turned out to be more complex than I initially thought. Because
> I will probably be busy until next weekend I am posting the unfinished
> work here for some discussion that could help push things forward. Only
> the image scale dialog has been mocked up in glade for now, although
> suggestions how to solve the defined tasks are suggested. No UI for that
> yet. There are couple of open issues even with the scale image dialog. 
>       * The header could stay, showing not only a thumbnail, filename,
>         but perhaps also the original pixel size (see below). 

If you are talking about the dialog header provided by
GimpViewableDialog, can we please consider keeping it? We are using
this dialog all over the place and IMO it is very useful that the
header shows

 - the icon that is also used in the menus
 - a descriptive title of the action associated with this dialog
 - a preview and the name of the viewable (image/drawable) that this
   dialog operates on

IMHO removing this header would be a regression.

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