On 17 May 2004, Sven Neumann wrote:

> Well, we don't have such an entry and I don't see it being added for
> GIMP 2.2. So for now we should IMO keep the changes to the dialog
> purely cosmetic. It will help users to be able to recognize the Scale
> dialog that they have worked with in earlier GIMP versions. Also it
> makes the code changes easier to do in the limited timeframe that is
> left before 2.2 is supposed to be done.
> > * The ratio control has been dropped, since it effectively
> > duplicates the % unit.
> I'd rather drop the % unit since I don't think that it is intuitive
> enough. From my experience the ratio control is the most used control
> in this dialog and IMO it should stay.

I agree.  Percentage changes are definately common enough to warrant their
own control set.  Percentage isn't even considered a unit outside of the
computer graphics world, so most people wouldn't think of using a units
selector to select a percentage.

Now, if the default on this dialog was always "%", that might work, but it
might cause other problems as well.  Something to test in the lab.


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