i have been having a problem with my last cvs version of gimp.

i got it after it changed to gimp-2.0.  there is a problem with it.

i need the one without the Edit -->Copy bug i read about.  i guess i
need to get a version from after a certain date but from before it
changed to that gimp-2.1 maddness i am glad not to be a part of.

as near as i can determine, i need to first, remember what you called it
and remember if i saw it on the list and try to figure out the search
words.  this might involve reviewing a lot of somewhat embarrassing mail
in which i get upset again.  

1) efficient search words for my Edit-->Copy, Edit-->Paste View problem

2) a cvs command that will request a version from a calendar date and
   not only the version (as bex and i documented fairly well on wgo)


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