well, salute maybe ....
On Tue, May 18, 2004 at 09:50:43AM +0200, Dave Neary wrote:
> Carol Spears wrote:
> >2) a cvs command that will request a version from a calendar date and
> >   not only the version (as bex and i documented fairly well on wgo)
> cvs up -D "yyyy-mm-dd HH:MM" gimp
well, see.  this is beautiful.  thank you.

> You might prefer sticking with the gimp-2.0 branch, though
> cvs up -r gimp-2-0 gimp

you know, i forgot that people were fixing bugs in this version as well.
instead of my rant about dejavu with weird bugs that seem more difficult
to make accidentally than on purpose and thank you for being willing to
work on the 2.0 branch as you are.

dejavu is disturbing even without a geek movie.  perhaps i should search
out the information in the Changelog to find the bugsmith?

> I usually have 2 copies checked out of CVS in different directories:
> cvs co -r gimp-2-0 -d gimp-2.0 gimp
> cvs co -d gimp-2.1 gimp
> That'll give you a CVS HEAD version and a stable branch version, in 
> gimp-2.1 and gimp-2.0 respectively.
okay, now you are showing off.  nice.

better you had done this when i needed you to, but whatever.

thank you,

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