"William Skaggs" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>   The motivation for doing this is that it seems to me that the
> existing edge detection plug-ins distributed with Gimp are rather
> weak in terms of output quality (their advantage is that, because
> they are all just 3x3 convolutions with different kernels, they are
> simple and very fast).  I think that this DoG plug-in, and also the
> Thin Line plug-in from the registry
> ( produce results that most
> users would be happier with.

IIRC Dave did a change to the edge plug-in somewhen in the 1.3.x
development cycle that incorporated code from the thinline
plug-in. Doesn't that mean that it can produce similar results?

Also I remember that the plan was to move all edge algorithms into
edge.c in order to obsolete the other plug-ins in the distribution.
That tasks has probably not been finished before 2.0. Might be a good
time to do that now.

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