Sven Neumann wrote:
> IIRC Dave did a change to the edge plug-in somewhen in the 1.3.x
> development cycle that incorporated code from the thinline
> plug-in. Doesn't that mean that it can produce similar results?
> Also I remember that the plan was to move all edge algorithms into
> edge.c in order to obsolete the other plug-ins in the distribution.
> That tasks has probably not been finished before 2.0. Might be a good
> time to do that now.

Dave did in fact move all of the edge plug-ins into edge.c, which
now allows you to select among six algorithms.  From the user's 
point of view this is merely confusing, because most of the methods
give similar results and there is not even a preview to distinguish
between them.  In fact, some of them really have no reason to exist
in the distro.  The Roberts and Differential algorithms, for example, 
yield quite low-quality results, and have only the advantage of being 
2x2 convolutions (hence very fast); but since edge.c does everything
as 3x3 even this advantage is mostly lost.

The other edge-detection plug-ins in the 2.0.1 distro are Sobel
and Laplace.  The Sobel plug-in uses the same algorithm as the
Sobel in edge.c, but allows a few extra options.  The Laplace
plug-in does nothing that is not included in the edge.c version.

None of them produce anything resembling the results of thinline.

  -- Bill

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