staring from the back.

Again, sorry, but I don't understand this. What's the displayed area?
What do you mean when you say "render"

We are talking about a preview therefore the (displayed)preview area is the area that is visible to the user.
Will use in for further explanation "preview buffer" to indicate the non visual area.
When I say render I mean the computation of the visual effect.
When I say draw I mean the visualisation of the computed effect on the preview area.

Sorry, I am not sure if I get what you are saying here. Could you
elaborate a bit, perhaps give an example of the API that you think is

A minimum for the preview widget would be :

Widgets :
1. The preview area
2. Horizontal/Vertical scrollbars if needed.

Signals :
1. preview_draw : draw preview area from current preview buffer.
2. preview_update : Call-back for rendering function followed by preview_draw or call preview_draw from callback.
(if possible send signal preview_draw from within callback to display rendering progress).
3. preview_changed : Call-back to determine which part of the drawable that must be rendered for preview.
(after scrollbar position changed)


1. new_preview_buffer(drawable, buffer, x,y ,width, height, offset_x, offset_y);

      drawable = self explanatory
      buffer = type to determine
      x, y = offset from drawable origin
      width, height = self explanatory
      offset_x, offset_y = offset for preview buffer.

drawing origin = 0,0
preview origin = 0+x, 0+y x,y=128
width, height = 128
offset_x, offset y = 0 (preview buffer = preview area)
=> rectangular preview buffer = (128,128) , (256,256) offset_x, offset_y = 20 use to render the preview more accurate. (preview buffer > preview area)

=> rectangular preview buffer = (x1-offset_x, y1-offset_y) , (x2+offset_x, y2+offset_y)
= (108,108), (276,276)

2. function to draw the buffer.


3.  function to free buffer

4. functions to for internal housekeeping that can be used in the callback from preview_changed.
calculate new limits, check if buffer covers new coordinates if not preview needs update, otherwise only draw from buffer.

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