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So far as I recall, Gimp has always lacked the ability to copy and paste images to other applications. Is this something that still requires support from Gtk to do cleanly? I noticed that the Win32 port of Gimp ships with a plugin that hacks in some clipboard support, and have had a go at porting it to Mac OS X: http://leuksman.com/mac/gimp/clipboard/

It's been brought to my attention that 2.1 now uses the GTK+ system clipboard for copying images, so it might be nice to integrate the native clipboard with that more directly.

After a lot of recompiling, I've managed to get 2.1 running from CVS. It seems to be doing _something_ with the clipboard, but I haven't yet gotten anything resembling an image out of it. Is there any X11-based program known to interoperate with it that I could test with to make sure it's working? GTK+ on Mac OS X is stuck in the X11 ghetto; Apple's X11 server tries to keep the X and Mac clipboards in sync, but seems to manage plain text only... on the Mac side I see only empty text on the clipboard after copying an image.

Either Gimp or GTK+ could be hacked up to use the Mac clipboard directly, I suppose. Any opinions on what's the correct place to do this?

The plugin I've been working on also provides access to the Grab and Image Capture services for screen capture and scanning (services communicate over the same NSPasteboard interface as the clipboard), so it'll likely continue to be independently useful even after a hypothetical Mac-clipboard-enabled Gimp 2.2.

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