Kevin Cozens <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I have created a web page for Tiny-Fu. The URL for the page is:
> http://www.interlog.com/~kcozens/software/gimp/tiny-fu.html
> A tarball of Tiny-Fu is available but at the moment it must be hooked
> in to the GIMP 2.1 source tree using the supplied patch file. A
> standalone version will be available later.
> The web page contains additional information about the plug-in as well
> as the status of the work being done on it. Currently it is somewhere
> between the alpha and beta stage of development. It ran its first
> script in April of this year (ts-helloworld.sct) and as of July 6, I
> have updated 57 of the 96 Script-Fu scripts to work with Tiny-Fu.

We talked about script-fu and tiny-fu at GIMPCon and agreed that we'd
like to see Script-Fu removed from the GIMP source tree as soon as
Tiny-Fu is available as a separate package that can replace it. This
could happen for GIMP 2.2 provided that Tiny-Fu is ready by that time.

I have a couple of questions about Tiny-Fu. Please excuse if they are
already answered on your web-page, I didn't look at it yet. Just point
me to the FAQ then.

(1) Is Tiny-Fu supposed to run scripts written for Script-Fu? If so,
    will this be some kind of compatibility layer or perhaps just a
    script that helps to convert old scripts?

(2) Is Tiny-Fu supposed to run as a permanent extension like the
    current Script-Fu implementation or will it start a new
    interpreter when needed and exit when the script is done?

(3) Somewhat related to question (2), will Tiny-Fu allow scripts to be
    run concurrently? I know that the GIMP core doesn't like this very
    much at the moment but it would still be nice to have a script
    engine that allows it. That would put more pressure on making the
    core reentrant.

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