Dave Neary <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> > point that we are discussing is how file plug-ins should handle
> > embedded color profiles, i.e. whether to attach the profile to the
> > image or not.
> I may be listening to a different conversation. The other point was
> whether embedded profiles should be applied at load time or be
> factored into the projection. In this scheme, the core would have to
> be at least aware of color profiles attached to images. It's not
> simply a question of attach or apply, since one has implications for
> the core, and the other doesn't. So this isn't just about the file
> plug-ins.

Well, it got to be doable in the file plug-ins since we don't want to
have the core depend on lcms. Applying the embedded profile at load
time could very well happen in the file plug-ins though. If the core
needs to perform colorspace transformations then we should postpone
this whole thing and do it properly with GEGL.

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