I haven't read the whole thread, but the last mail in the thread by
William Skaggs seems very similar to the ideas discussed at gimpcon,
what follows is my own understanding of what we discussed there:

assuming working space of gimp == sRGB

new image
  parasite_set ("export_profile", "sRGB")

loading of file profile==sRGB
  best scenario, just load the file
  parasite_set ("export_profile","sRGB")

loading of file !profile
  "no color profile associated with image"
  "convert from [sRGB (dropdown)]"
  "save as [sRGB (dropdown)]"
  parasite_set ("export_profile", users_choice)

loading of file profile!=sRGB
  "image has a color profile attached"
  "convert from [YUV (dropdown)]"
  "save as [sRGB (dropdown)]"
  parasite_set ("export_profile", users_choice)

displaying the image while working on it
  this is actually the hardest thing to get right,. since it requires
user interaction
  and cooperation,. even with a correct icc profile for the display the user can
  introduce errors to the display by fiddling with the
brightness/contrast knobs.

saving when export_profile == sRGB
  attach profile if possible

saving when export_profile != sRGB
  this is of course dependent upon the file supporting the intended
format, if it does
  pixel data should be converted upon saving, and the correct profile attached.

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