Kevin Cozens <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I don't really want a "compatibility"-switch. Instead, old Script-Fu
> scripts should be updated so they do things the way they are supposed
> to be done in Scheme rather than how the old SIOD interpreter let
> script writers get away with some things (ie. not defining
> variables). It forces a review of the code. For example, I noticed
> that one script defined an internal routine to compute a least common
> multiple rather. I deleted the routine and used the standard Scheme
> routine 'lcm'.

I understand your reasons but a compatibility mode (if that is
feasible at all) would allow us to ditch Script-Fu in favor of
Tiny-Fu. If no such mode is available we will have to continue to ship
Script-Fu for quite a while. I don't think we can just tell people
that all their scripts won't work any longer when they update GIMP the
next time.

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