William Skaggs wrote:

Well, the whole point of trying to use material from GUM is to
avoid unnecessary rewriting, but if that HOWTO is the best that
can be done, then the only conclusion is that using a tablet in
Gimp is only possible in Linux and only for adventuresome
people with strong computer skills.  That may be the case,
but I somehow thought that things were a little better.

-- Bill

In Linux that is indeed the case, unfortunately, and as far as I know that document is probably the best source of help. I don't think the material from GUM, which is pretty outdated, suggests anything different - in fact, from looking it over, it appears that things are much simpler now than they were at the time it was written. Of course it doesn't mean that tablets can only be used with GIMP in Linux. It's just that, for example, in Windows there is no need for such a guide; I can use my tablet by just running gimp with the --use-wintab option. I can't really speak for any other OSes.

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