On Mon, Sep 06, 2004 at 05:52:20PM +0200, Sven Neumann wrote:
> Hi,
> a while ago we decided for a feature freeze for GIMP 2.2 that should
> have taken effect last week. I haven't enforced this feature freeze
> yet because there's been some good hacking going on recently and I
> think we definitely wanted to have these features in 2.2. With the
> 2.1.4 release, we've reached a point where the new stuff
> (GimpProgress, GimpPreview) seems to be rather well working so we
> could declare a feature freeze right now. I do think however that we
> should give us a little bit more time and try to get the following
> done during the next weeks:
>  - add more plug-in previews

  I'm already on this. If someone wants to help, please contact me.

>  - try to make the previews scale with the dialog

  Just to make it clear, this would just resize the preview widget,
nothing to do with a zoom feature.

>  - implement color management as was discussed earlier
>  - fix unit handling and resize / scale dialogs
>  - allow for better layer positioning / alignment
>  - integrate the metadata editor that Raphael is working on
>  - finish and fix whatever is unfinished or broken
> I would suggest we attempt to get a 2.2 prerelease out by the end of
> this month or early in october. Given the fact that the tree is fairly
> stable, we should then be able to deliver 2.2.0 by the end of october.
  Sounds reasonable.


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