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> There's one aspect to splitting things out that hasn't been discussed 
> yet. By splitting e.g. a plug-in out into it's own module and basing it 
> on gimp-plug-in template, it becomes incredibly easy to compile it for 
> any platform without going though the hassle of having to compile GIMP 
> itself. This would be especially interesting for those plug-ins that 
> have dependencies not already covered by GIMP or GTK+ itself, e.g. AA or 
> XPM.

Note that doing splitting things out and using the gimp-plug-in-template
will significantly increase the build time because each plug-in would
then run its own configure script, which can take longer than building
the plug-in itself.  I can already hear Dave complaining.  ;-)

> Additionally, this would send an important signal to plug-in developers. 
> Currently, some of them think that being included in the core gimp 
> module is the ultimate goal of their plug-in. [...]

Besides the advantages of being distributed together with the GIMP,
including a plug-in in the main tree has another advantage: the
translations.  Currently, it is rather hard for a plug-in distributed
separately from the GIMP to have good translations in many languages.
If it is in the main tree, several translators will (have to) work on
it.  If it is outside, chances are that the developer will not be able
to get enough people interested in contributing translations.

One way to solve this would be to put many plug-ins in a gimp-plug-ins
module in gnomecvs, but that would only shift the goal for the plug-in
developers from being included in the main tree to being included in the
"official" list of plug-ins.  Maybe that's better than the current

Note that it would only work with one (or just a few) module in cvs, not
with dozens of separate modules because it would be more motivating for
the translators to cover just one new module than having to look at many
modules containing very few things to translate.  This also takes into
account the fact that gettext tries to be smart about handling identical
strings that occur multiple times in the source tree, which makes the
translators' life easier (sometimes).

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