]> Doesn't it make sense to prefix Glib errors 
]with something like: "Glib 
]> Error:" or "System Error:" or "Gimp Error:" 
](localizing just that  
]> string) and let the rest appear as-is within
] the error console?
]No. The user is not supposed to see them, never. Actually no such
]messages should ever be emitted. If it does, there's a programming
]error. It would not help to show these messages to the user.

They are useful for bug reports.

I would like to see a clean way to control logging of various
messages.  The messages would ideally be able to be shown
in a real window (not the console), tee to a file, etc. by 
checking logging options in the user preferences.

The log window (not the console window) should pop up when the first
log entry occurs.  GTK+ System level logging could be disabled 
initially, with a checkbox to enable it.  Saving the log to a file 
could also be initially disabled.  When scripts running autonomously
in non-GUI mode, use stderr or logfile for error messages instead.  

Just my opinion.


p.s. But if it's going  to hold up the release, stub out the 
code in this release to do something simpler.  

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