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> The consensus so far seem to be that GLib should not open any
> console windows by itself. OK, fine with me, such a change could
> be done even in the stable branch (2.4.x) IMHO. But I certainly
> hope that it doesn't mean that people then will start whining
> that they want "log windows" for warnings and error
> messages. Sheesh, that's what the console windows are/were,
> dammit.

Like Jernej mentioned, if anybody wants to have a console window then
they just have to compile it without the -mwindows option in GCC and
whatever equivalent in MSVC. I think if a developer explicitly
compiles a program to be GUI only on win32, then he/she expects to see
no console window. So in my humble opinion, I think GLIB should not
open a console window if stdout and stderr doesn't exist. I also do
not think that a "log window" is necessary since the console window
can be so easily obtained.

Developers also have the option of using g_log_set_handler and
g_set_print_handler functions for hooking into any messages generated
and redirecting them to somewhere else (file, application dialogs

Perhaps, it would be nice if somehow the console window opened
currently could be closed without shutting down the whole GUI
application. Unfortunately, windows does not allow that I think. Or
does it?



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