Carol Spears ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> well, due to the many concerns about how i made these images, there is
> now a whole series of pngs/xcfs in this same directory, ending with:
> where the same selection is used
> in all three gimp versions.
> the selection has been saved in:
> and simon has made certain that
> i did not use (even accidentally) different brushes.

Actually I tried to explain to carol that the in some 2.0 version the
brush used for stroking is not always the same that is selected in the
brush dialog. Looking at stroke4.png does not convince me that carol
really used the brush the thought was using (I think it is bug #150716).

> simon and mitch are right now discussing changes to the paintcore which
> might have affected this.  anyone can read this discussion here:

The behaviour seems to have been introduced by the patches by Henning
Makholm. It is spacing dependant and fiddeling with this avoids the
artefact. I have no real clue on that code and I won't work at it - at
least not for the next few days.


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