I wonder if we should do the following simple change to GimpDialog:

<#part type="text/plain" filename="/home/neo/gnomecvs/gimp/help-button.diff" 

What this patch does is, it automatically adds a help button for each
GimpDialog that is created with a help_func. Such a button makes it
lot more obvious that GIMP has a help system. The gimp-help-2 project
has achieved a lot during the last months and it looks like we will be
able to ship GIMP 2.2 with a reasonable amount of help content. It
would thus make sense to announce the availability of help more
prominently. This is what this patch does.

There are some drawbacks also. In some dialogs, mainly when there are
already a number of buttons in the action area, the help button causes
the dialog to become wider and it causes the action area to look
crowded. This is for example the case for the File->New dialog.

Another drawback is that some plug-ins may already add a help button.
The patch attempts to suppress this button by skipping buttons that
have GTK_RESPONSE_HELP as their response_id. This will not work
reliably and perhaps it is even a bad idea to do such a thing. Plug-in
developers will have a hard time to figure out why the help button
they added behaves differently with GIMP 2.2.

We can of course add a gimprc option for the Help button but my
question is if it is a good idea to add such a button per default.

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