hi Gezim,

yes, i'm going to download gimp2 now...

and indeed, Flash and vector graphics are badly needed for designers to migrate - but i'm not sure who to contact.... except you guys :)

Photoshop does have some vector tools... of course we have SVG which Illustrator also uses...
its the slicing for web that is vitally important too.... photoshop also has this...

but a good vector only tool is very important, with vector-to-web features... (like Fireworks)
and also a Flash / Open QuickTime tool...

of course all need to be gui-based because designers simply cant think in words... we think in images (i literally have to think in images and translate when i speak, even!)

if you can point me in the right direction for people who could design these apps, that'd be great :)

thanks again


Gezim Hoxha wrote:

Hi iriXx and gimpers,

Like the other guys pointed out it would defently be
nice if you updated to gimp 2.*
Having said that I do agree with some of the points
you make. Right now, one of the things I long for is
layer effects: they make your job so much easier and
when you look at some photoshop tutorials it
dissapoints me that they can do some of the things
they can with couple of mouse clicks, whereas in the
current gimp sometimes I have no idea where the heck
to even start. But one of the things that can't be
ignored is that (as far as I know) no-one gets paid to
code for gimp, and seeing the current product (GIMP)
at this stage it's just magnificant as to what these
volunteer developers. So thanks to all the volunteers,
and frankly I have no right to complain but just some

And Miriam, when you bring flash and some other vector software that's just doesn't add up....last time I checked photoshop wasn't able to produce flash animations...am I wrong? So as far as flash and vectors are concerned another applications is needed.

Anywho that's my 2 cents,

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