No, I'm not suggesting that we dispose of the context 
menu.  I'm saying the menu at the top is also important,
and it is important that it is completely there even when 
the image is small, especially the "help", which
is the first menu item to disappear for small images.

My point is that we can do a lot of trivial things
to make GIMP simpler for first time users and gain
some respect if we don't flame everyone who tries
to tell us these things.  Rather than just thinking 
about how easy it is for us to use the GIMP, think 
about how easy it is to introduce new users to it and 
get them excited about it!  

We can be a bit kinder in how we handle people 
who are trying to be helpful.  Just saying, 
"Thanks for the input, but please get the new 
version before posting, as many of your concerns
have been fixed or are in the queue.  In the meantime,
please continue this discussion on the gimp-user 
mailing list" or something to that effect.

We can choose take this as an opportunity to improve, or 
we can take it as yet another newbie trying to get technical 
support from the developer mailing list (I don't remember 
any request for support, just providing info. about first 



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