On 12.11.2004, at 13:12, Sven Neumann wrote:

The operating system imposes a limit on the maximum amount of memory
that can be allocated by a process. IIRC the limit is 3GB on Linux.

Typically the splitting point (user/kernel and peripheral memory) would be 2:2, but there is a way to easily get 3:1 (if you do not need the additional GByte for say a GPU framebuffer); hardcore users may also want to try a 3.5:0.5 splitting but IIRC that will only be possible with some nasty patch and have several limitations.

Of course there's also a physical limit and you would need a 64bit
CPU in order to use more than 4GB.

Not necessarily, there some CPU extensions for x86 CPUs which allow larger memory sizes by using extra large pages (more overhead) or providing additional bits for the paging tables which allow for a maximum of 64 GByte on reasonably equipped motherboards.


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