On 12.11.2004, at 18:51, Manish Singh wrote:

You can, but not using the typical APIs. This is pretty important
for database stuff....

Whose use case is very different than GIMP's. And you do use the typical
APIs, but the user does have to setup the shmfs on their own. And then
you have to select between the shm segments yourself.

shm is a special case. I'm talking about allocating highmem segments.

It's a whole bunch of contortions, and all pointless since amd64
hardware is competitively priced these days.

Yep. ;)

I've tried GIMPing a 6 GB image on a 64-bit platform (8 GB of ram) and
it handles it just fine.

Duh, my Dual Opteron has only 1 GB at the moment... ;)


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