> I'm surprised that enough users would be changing the setting often enough
> to want to be able to set it on a once off per window basis, I would have
> though that a single global preference would to override the toolkit
> default would have been enough

oh please no. or is the gimp supposed to be used only by beginners and
not by advanced users? if you do some more serious work you need often
to change the colour of the surrounding area. and you need it to do by
per image basis. if i edit images where colour is really important
(and this will be even more useful when gimp will be able to handle
colour management) i always set my gui theme to colours of neutral
grey so there is no colour distraction + i change this setting in the
gimp often to simulate different colour enviroments.

the feature is invaluable for an advanced user.

a month ago i was making three images to be placed on a wall, each of
them on different one, painted with different colour. i was painting
them at the same time (they were a series)
and i enjoyed the possibilty to see them all against the proper colour. 

BTW: if you feel that the gimp should be simplified as possible for
beginners, wouldnt be possible to keep advanced features visible for
advanced users but not for beginners? but not remove them completelly?
single option in preferences (or in gimprc file) which would enable
more advanced features which some consider as interface clutter but
others may need them?
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