On Thu, Nov 18, 2004 at 02:02:27PM +1300, Joseph Heled wrote:
> I open a 3038x2012 photo (gimp 2.2-pre1).
> The caption below the image says 46.9 MB
> I add a layer with Layer/New Layer. The caption says  70.3 MB
> I delete the layer. Caption stays 70.3 MB
> I Layer/New Layer again. The caption says: 93.7 MB
> I delete the layer.  Caption stays 93.7 MB
> Should I believe the numbers or not? I understand the gimp might be 
> allocating memory and keeping it, but it does not mean the size of the 
> image keep growing indefinitely? What am I missing?
i wonder if it is the undo in the memory.


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