Joseph Heled <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> In 2.2, the histogram always takes the full image. I thought that in
> the past it took the selection if there was one. Am I imagining
> this? 

Sven writes:

> Yes, I think you are imagining this. There's a rather old bug report
> about it and basically we agreed that we want to change the behaviour.
> It should be an easy change but so far noone got around to do it.
> Perhaps you might want to give it a try? 

The change is almost trivial, if my suggestion of simply using the
selection without asking any questions is acceptable.  The status of this, as 
far as I can see, is that the bug report 
( ) is waiting for somebody to 
say that it is okay to do it.  (Adding a "Use selection" checkbox
would be almost as trivial.)

  -- Bill

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