Greetings, all.

A tarball of version 0.9.6 of Tiny-Fu is now available at:

The biggest change affected all script files which now use a separate tiny-fu-menu-register call to place an entry in the menu hierarchy. This means scripts can now register themselves the same way as is done in plug-ins. In addition to this and other changes in the script files, there were some changes to the Tiny-Fu plug-in to fix a few bugs, and to track some changes made to the Script-Fu plug-in.

Changes since the 0.9.5 release:

- Added support for (tiny-fu-menu-register) to allow scripts to register
  their menu paths in the same undeprecated way as plug-ins. Fixes bug

- Don't silently return when there is already a script running but show a
  message instead. Fixes bug #123882.

- Re-added the deprecated constants for backwards compatability with
  Script-Fu and the 2.0 version of GIMP.

- Other minor code changes, cleanups, and bug fixes.

- Updates and fixes to various scripts

    * Updated all scripts to use script-fu-menu-register and pass just
      the menu label in script-fu-register.

    * Changed some gimp-selection-clear calls to gimp-selection-none.
      See bug #156765.

    * Fixed incorrect comparison in an if statement in the copy-visible.sct
      script. Partial(?) fix for bug #138662.

    * Fixed erase-rows.sct so it will work on layers that have their
      top-left corner at a position other than the top-left corner of the
      image. Fixes bug #158863.

    * Fixed spyrogimp.scm by forcing number of teeth to integer values.
      Changed default value for Outer teeth. Fixes bug #158448.

    * Changed some scripts which called gimp-edit-* functions on drawables
      which were not yet added to an image because this will be forbidden

    * Updated some scripts to use the new transform API.

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