On Mon, Dec 13, 2004 at 07:48:57PM +0000, Alan Horkan wrote:
> It was decided that it was very important to get some input from artists
> namely Jimmac Tigert and drc.
or maybe you await jimmacs approval since all of the splash images that
used his template now have his copyright on it?

there was such a commotion about this panel on this list and it looked
to me as if it were being thoughtfully put together.

maybe a better approach would be to have anyone who was not certain of
their pick remove themselves from the panel.

it took only a matter of days to amass more than 600 splashes.  it
should take such an "interested" group of people as this panel not so
much time to make a decision.

"make a decision".  was their any discussion here of the panel needing
the approval of these "artists"?  the panel was put together to make a
recommendation to the developers.  you need additional handholding?  was
anyone interested in being on this panel who can make a decision on
their own?


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