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Carol Spears wrote:
> "make a decision".  was their any discussion here of the panel needing
> the approval of these "artists"?  the panel was put together to make a
> recommendation to the developers.  you need additional handholding?  was
> anyone interested in being on this panel who can make a decision on
> their own?

I appreciate that you would like to see a winner quickly. And I
know that you think that such a decision should be easy to make.
If there were one person choosing the winner, it would have been
done last Monday.

However, the panel are conscious of a responsibility they have -
they are picking the splash screen that will be on the GIMP for
at least 6 months, and perhaps as long as 3 years (hopefully not,
but that's how long tigert's splash was on a stable GIMP).

If the panellists want to ask for the opinion of outside people,
or give weight to mukund's page, so be it. When their decision is
made, it will be final. 


        David Neary,
        Lyon, France
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