William Skaggs wrote:
> Well, the most recent ChangeLog entry for gegl is dated 3-25-04, and
> if it is nearly ready to use, then the CVS archive and the gegl web
> page are very misleading.  Am I missing something?

No. Step 1 to using gegl is working on gegl. The needs for gegl
before we can start using it are:

1) at least one concrete implementation of all of the abstract

2) An application that uses gegl. Something that just does a file
load and file save (something like convert) would be enough - it
just needs to work :)

Once we have both of those, the GIMP can start migrating to those
interfaces (even if they change regularly), and we can get more
people working on alternative back-ends for the abstract stuff.
For example, there were several people interested in optimising
images in memory - that's a research project for gegl, but it's
not a requirement for us before we start using it (nor, honestly,
is a tile-based model - a flat big block of memory would do to
start off with).

Nor do we need a CMYK data model to start with - RGB8 is fine. We
just need something behind those interfaces we're going to
migrate to.

It would be great to let people loose on gegl and that was the
plan 6 months ago - get 2.2 out the door, and then put the GIMP
into maintenance mode (feature chill or whetever you want to call
it) until gegl had reached a stage where it could be used. That
means all the people currently putting code into the GIMP would
be putting code into GEGL. 

It may not work like that - there were a couple of features I
would really have liked to see in 2.2 that didn't get in there,
things like text boxes and text on a path, color management. So
perhaps there will be a GIMP 2.4 after all. But we should get as
many as people as possible working on gegl as soon as possible.
And we need an updated design doc to do that. The unit tests and
the template code that's there is a good start, but what we could
do with is someone writing an update to the 1998 design docs.

I've CCed gegl-developer, since that's where this belongs.


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