On Wed, Jan 05, 2005 at 10:15:06PM +0100, Daniel Egger wrote:
> On 05.01.2005, at 18:27, Dave Neary wrote:
> >Before people get high-horsey about this, consider that 90% of digital 
> >cameras
> >have embedded DOS as their OS, and are thus unable to generate files 
> >which are
> >not 8.3.
> I don't think it is pretty safe to assume that FAT support
> means that anything close to DOS could be the operating
> system of a camera; for one DOS has too many limitation with
> regards to linear addressing of memory to be useful for such
> a device and second you'll have a hard time finding a DOS
> implementation outside of x86 CPUs and believe it or not but
> those tend to be the worst choice of processor for battery
> powered devices. 
canon rebel uses DOS.


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