Date: Wed,  5 Jan 2005 07:47:10 -0800
   From: "William Skaggs" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

   Robert Krawitz wrote:
   >   4) When the exif specifies that an image is rotated, the plug-in
   >      pops up a query asking the user whether to rotate it into
   >      standard alignment.  I thought it was better to ask rather than
   >      do it automatically, because there are probably a substantial
   >      number of existing images that have been edited without having
   >      their exif information properly updated (for example, by earlier
   >      versions of GIMP).  When an image is saved with exif, the
   >      orientation is set to "top-left", as the exif specifications
   >      require.  (See bug #121810)
   > I'd suggest making this a preference.  If someone's careful about
   > maintaining their images (or hasn't edited them before), they'll get
   > very annoyed by having to answer this question every time they open an
   > EXIF file that's rotated.  Wouldn't earlier versions of the GIMP have
   > destroyed the EXIF data?

   That would be a reasonable thing to do: "Rotate images if exif says
   so?: _Always _Never _Ask each time."  But we have a high threshold
   nowadays for adding new preferences, so this is something that
   probably won't happen until it's clear that a lot of people want

Something that forces me to do an extra gratuitous step for loading
every portrait I ever shoot is a massive pain in the butt however you
slice it.  Another way of handling this would be to show the message,
but have a check box "Don't show this message again".  Firefox has
this for a lot of the security warnings (like warning you if you fill
in a form that's posted over the net).

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