Date: Sat, 8 Jan 2005 11:24:49 -0800
   From: Akkana Peck <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

   Sven Neumann writes:
   > Assuming your camera adds EXIF info, are you seriously telling me
   > that you do not run 'exiftran -a -i' on each and every image you
   > ever shoot and instead use GIMP to rotate them?

   Add another voice to all the others saying "No, I leave my
   originals untouched, and only edit copies".

Unfortunately, thus far you and I are the only ones taking this

I can't speak for every single photographer in the world, but as a
matter of general principle, you don't mess with your negatives.  The
one thing I do to them is chmod 400 so I don't accidentally write over
them.  However, I use kimdaba (which is EXIF-aware) to index them.  If
I want to edit a particular image, I'll read it into the GIMP (which I
can do from right-click in kimdaba), save it elsewhere (that's why the
chmod 400), and then start editing it.

If a particular application isn't EXIF-aware, tough on it.  The ones I
care about are kimdaba, the GIMP, and Photoprint, when it's ready
(which one of the Gimp-Print developers is working on).

Having to dismiss a completely irrelevant warning every time I want to
edit a digital photograph is simply annoying.

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