Hi Raphael, glad to hear from you.

> Although I am a bit late to the party, here are my 2 cents: I think
> that the jpeg plug-in should automatically rotate the image when
> opening it without marking it as "dirty".  The default setting should
> be to do that automatically without asking, both for interactive and
> non-interactive mode.  Let me try to explain why... 

In an ideal world I agree that this would be the right answer.  What
concerns me is that in this less-than-ideal world, many people are
likely to have images with incorrect exif data, including anybody who
edited a rotated exif jpeg in GIMP 2.0 or 2.2 and then resaved it as 
jpeg.  It's hard to get a fix on how large a population this is, but I 
bet if we impose a solution on them that rotates their images without
giving them any way to prevent it, we'll be subjecting ourselves to
some angry bug reports.

  -- Bill 

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